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Fringe Review *****

"A stellar cast...with chemistry impossible to force  

and sharp direction"

"Pure entertainment."

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The Stage

"Full of old fashioned wise-cracking and ribaldry...

an entertaining ride."

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Time Out

"Milner's surreal three-act comedy bursts with

inspired lunacy...breathlessly funny sequences."

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“An enjoyably daft romp and Silver Thread are to

be commended for resuscitating it."

"...develops the level of surreal joy captured by the  

Goons and Monty Python."

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How's the World Treating You?

Mrs More dreams of her son Frank becoming Headmaster at a top public school.  The world, however, seems to have other ideas.  If he is ever to realise his mother's ambitions, Frank must overcome a rogue washing machine, a pair of missing trousers and a trio of lusty middle-aged women...


Channelling the spirit of Monty Python and The Goons, Roger Milner’s brilliantly surreal and witty comedy follows one man’s efforts to realise his destiny, whatever the world throws at him.


Not seen in London since 1966, the original West End production transferred to Broadway and provided Patricia Routledge with a breakout part.  Spanning twenty years, with a cast of six actors in multiple roles, How’s the World Treating You? was presented at the award winning Union Theatre in Southwark.

George Weightman (Holden) and Louisa Faye (Clark)s Laura Hanna (Diedre)sm DSC_004021sm DSC_0369sm Cast and Production Team Production Programme